The Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Cup Summary

The reason is really quite straightforward, and easier to show than often explain, why those with PTSD have a tendency to get upset quicker, more readily, and faster than others at little dumb things.

Allow me to explain this, and you'll better understand the difference to those with PTSD, and people without.

No issues with that one.

The apparent, when something bad happens, or is actually hindering you, is typically classified as "bad stress", which consists such matters as paying bills, money, relationships, getting fired from your own job, etc etc etc. Awful anxiety is got by everybody at some period within their day; it merely depends on the amount, and the person themself.

As you can view, a man that is normal is represented by Cup 2, and with both positive and negative anxiety. They still have lots of room in their cup without overflowing (bursting, rage, fury, etc etc). Before being pushed on the edge, an ordinary person can take a great deal of stress in their everyday life.

The issue with that is that we possess the stressor cup same quantity of nice and poor pressure as everyone else, though we also have this huge chunk of PTSD which features much more and our stressor cup injuries.

As you can view from this cup, with great anxiety and PTSD, you truly do not have much room for anything else. You are able to observe by the "bad stress" representation on top of the cup, it truly is quite modest in comparison with Cup 2 - consequently that is why something so small and insignificant can make someone with PTSD fly off the handle so fast (fury). A little "bad stress" for a person with PTSD, and they overflow rather fast compared to anyone else.

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